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Reliability efforts in Michigan add up to better service and safety for your community

When it comes to reliability, the numbers tell the story.

In 2016 these upgrades were made throughout Michigan to strengthen our system and make it more reliable for you.

5,657 Miles of power lines protected by tree trimming. The #1 cause of power outages is interference from nearby tree branches. Trimming, under the advisement of certified arborists, protects against interruptions and outages.
7,225 Miles of power lines inspected and repaired based on a best practice, 6 year inspection cycle. Preventative maintenance keeps lines in the air and maximizes safety before outages occur.
7,498 Poles replaced. We’re replacing more poles than any time in company history as new poles provide years of reliable service. Weathered poles can become an outage risk.
11,335 Equipment connections upgraded before they become a safety and reliability issue. Worn and older part replacement on outside poles helps prevent outages and minimize downtimes.
94 New Substation Projects Implemented. This prevents outages before they can occur. Maintaining, securing and upgrading electric substations protects people and wildlife, and creates a safer environment around electricity.

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