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Upgrade Your Lighting and Save

Business Tip #8: Install occupancy and daylight sensors. Learn More

Just one new energy efficient light fixture can save energy every day.

$150 per fixture a year in savings + $75 in rebates = up to $225 of total savings in the first year.

Jay’s Sporting Goods in Clare retrofitted their existing lighting to energy efficient fluorescent light and added occupancy sensors, improving lighting quality and reducing their energy use. They received $3,121 in incentives and continue to save.


Save with Heating and Cooling Upgrades

Business Tip #22: Install and/or use locking devices on your thermostat to maintain efficient settings. Learn More

Save energy and money by installing efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and thermostats. Available incentives and rebates can help you save even more.

Specialty Programs

Targeted Energy Savings

Business Tip #34: For facilities that have on-site heat generating processes such as cooking, consider heat recovery as a way to capture waste heat and use it to offset energy use. Learn More

Improve your building efficiency with targeted energy solutions that are designed to meet your unique needs. With rebates and programs for select market segments, your business can enjoy more savings sooner.

Hillsdale Farmer Ty Friskney upgraded his farm’s operation by installing new, high efficiency grain dryers. He offset his costs with $40,000 worth of incentives and saved thousands on his energy bill.

Custom Solutions

Delivering Unique Efficiency Savings

Business Tip #32: Consider installing energy recovery ventilation systems to reclaim waste energy from the exhaust air stream and use it to condition the incoming fresh air. Learn More

Your business may be able to earn up to $200,000 in incentives a year for custom energy upgrades, like:

  • Complex Compressed Air
  • Process Controls
  • Cooling
  • Motors
  • Refrigeration
  • Process Improvements
  • Heat Recovery

Great Lakes Tissue Company increased its production rate by 25% and reduced its energy use by adding digital operation controls. $300,000 worth of incentives helped offset the implementation costs.

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Clark Retirement Community saves $102,000 annually in energy costs after it updated its chiller systems.

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Envelope and Insulation

Insulating to Save

Business Tip #25: Don’t overheat your facility. Use supplemental heating equipment for hard to heat areas. Learn More

Save up to 75% of your energy dollars. Insulate to reduce air leaks and use available incentives to offset your installation costs.

WoodsEdge Learning Center in Kalamazoo built energy efficiency into its structure, achieving a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold Certification. The Center received almost $49,000 in incentives, and reduced the overall energy use of the building by 33.7%.

Energy Evaluation Tools

Calculate Your Energy Savings

Business Tip #68: Consider using ink-jet printers. They use 90% less energy than laser printers. Learn More

Check out our D.I.Y. energy efficiency calculators to find more ways you can save. There’s even a benchmarking tool that shows you how your business compares to other businesses like yours.

Kitchen & Refrigeration

Commercial Kitchen Savings

Business Tip #46: Set the refrigerator thermometer at 38-42° F and your freezer at 0-5° F. Learn More

Create bottom line savings with energy efficiency changes in your kitchen, such as installing low-flow faucets and ENERGY STAR® rated appliances. Use incentives to offset new equipment costs and qualify for up to $1,750 in rebates.

Oliver T’s in Grand Blanc updated their refrigeration units by using energy efficient fan motors and adding anti-sweat door heater controls and night shades. The owners, Ron and Cathy Zeller, received a $24,751 rebate check to help offset installation costs, and continue to save energy and money today.

Small Business Solutions

Designing Energy Savings

Business Tip #65: When buying new computers, consider laptops rather than desktop models. Learn More

Eligible small businesses can improve efficiency and reduce energy costs. Explore your options:

  1. 1. Together, we’ll review the savings opportunities.
  2. 2. Your contractor will complete the upgrades.
  3. 3. You’ll enjoy the savings, with up to $10,000 covered by the rebates.

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